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RE/MAX Lake Ozarks Stats


In 2011 RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks sold more than $170 million in real estate at the lake. The next closest company sold $52 million. RE/MAX has 35% of market shae at the lake and are agressively working to increase this number. Interest rates continue to stay at an all time low. Inventory numbers are starting to show a decline also. If you would like more facts and data regarding the state of the lake please email or call. Thanks

Fishing Lake Ozarks

Well the dog days of summer are here at the lake and fishing is getting tough. Fall is coming soon and once again we will be hitting the lake and enjoying it's numerous species of fish. Although I do enjoy bass fishing the most this lake offers a variety of sport fishing. The crappie fishing in the spring and fall is as fun as anywhere you will travel. The white bass and strippers really get active later in the year also. Fall is also a great time of year to catch catfish fatting up for the winter. Weather winter summer spring or fall Lake Ozarks offers some of the best fishing you will find anywhere in the midwest. So please come and visit and get a chance to experience this beautiful lake yourself. It's quit a site when the trees start to turn colors...

By Dennis Oelschlager
RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks
573 434-8611
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